Self Shopping/Store Automation

Retailers need new tools to differentiate themselves and strengthen their customer ties while reducing their operational expenses. Datalogic leads the industry with over 10 years of helping retailers deliver great customer service and a unique multi-channel shopping experience.


The Joya device is Datalogic’s pod used for Self-shopping solutions.  It offers cutting-edge technology and advanced performance in an ergonomic form factor that is easy to use. The Joya pod makes shopping faster, allowing customers to save time.  Its exclusive design, light weight and easy handling make the Joya device the ideal companion for a fun and exciting shopping experience. The architecture of middleware Shopevolution supports Datalogic Joya devices as well as other devices including Smartphones. Shopevolution is developed on the newest and fastest Java architecture, supporting Windows and other operation systems, such as Linux.  Shopevolution is completely database independent (supporting MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server) and has multi-lingual capabilities.

App Tools for Partners

App tools for partners include tools for the partners of Datalogic who are currently selling the Joya device and Datalogic’s mobile computers. Those apps can be leveraged by the partners in order to answer the needs of the retailers wanting to increase customer service and revenue, while decreasing costs at the same time.