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A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) is required for all repairs sent to the Datalogic Service Center.
Welcome to the Online RMA tool, reserved to all Datalogic device users.

To enter an RMA and link to repair status for your company, you must complete a one-time online registration. You will receive a User ID and password that you will use each time you access the site.

Online RMA

If you have any questions about the RMA process or the registration process, please contact us.

EUROPE Toll Free: 00 800 2244 2242 (EU except from Spain)

EUROPE Toll Free: 900 988 315 (Spain)

EUROPE Tel. +421 (0) 33 590 8902

AMERICA Toll Free +1 (888) 435 7772

AMERICA Tel. +1 (541) 349 8283

AUSTRALIA Tel. +61 2/9870 3200