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Service Program

Maintenance Agreement

If you have chosen Datalogic to automate your processes, use our know-how to be really sure of complete efficiency: protect your investment and assure maximum production performances over the years .
At Datalogic we exploit our 40 years long experience of automation market to understand basic need of customers in terms of maintenance. The importance of data capture systems within customer’s value chain is increasing more and more, becoming several time “mission crtical” : keeping devices and systems at their best is essential.
At the same time costs control will require particular attention to select the best effective maintenance plan.

To help our customer we implemented post-sales service packages following these basics guidelines:

  • Fixed costs
  • Fully guaranteed turnaround
  • Different service levels for various needs
  • Different level of support ( from telephone to On Site emergency visit)
  • High professionalism of Datalogic Repair Depots
  • Original Datalogic spare parts
  • Accurate quality control procedures

Available Agreements:

  • Hot SWAP
  • Managed CARE
  • Premium
  • Total COVER
Maintenance Agreements – Hot SWAP

Are automatic identification and data capture systems mission critical and have a strong impact on the efficiency of your business?
Can you allow downtime for system resetting?
Do you want fixed costs for guaranteed service?
Do you want to maintain your peace of mind, ensure that your favorite scanner is back on duty within 24 hours?
Is it the cost of spare parts prohibitive for you investment budget?

Our Hot SWAP answers all of these questions for you. Our 24 hour maintenance programme guarantees that defective products will be substituted within 24 hours of notification, if made before 11:00, otherwise within 48 hours (working days, Monday to Friday) The product will be sent in packaging which should be re-used to return the defective product. Prompt service and certainty of substitute product availability are guaranteed by a customised stock (owned by Datalogic) which is kept aside and that Datalogic manages for the customers who adhere to this formula.

Hot SWAP fee is annual and depending upon the products and quantities to be covered.

Hot Swap can be signed both under Warrnty period and after its expiration (at different fees).


Maintenance Agreements – Managed CARE

Is the efficiency of automatic identification and data capture a priority in your system?
Do you want service that protects you both during and after the guarantee, with shorter time to repair?
Do you want your products to benefit from preferential service?
Do you want fixed costs, by signing an Insurance?
Do you want experienced technical service with original spare parts which are always up-to-date?

Our Managed CARE answers all of these questions for you. In fact our package guarantees you:

repair and return of defective products within 5 days from receipt at our repair depot
fixed annual rate regardless of unexpected peak failure
Managed CARE fee is annual and depending upon the products and quantities to be covered.

Managed CARE can be signed only after Warranty period is expired.


Maintenance Agreements – Premium & Total Cover

Datalogic gives you the possibility to pass its distinguishing know-how on to your internal technicians to make them operative on the most frequent kinds of problems, which can be easily repaired with the adequate technical knowledge.
This way you can be sure that crucial products are continuously overviewed by your own personnel. At the same time the personnel improve their diagnostic capability to correctly manage preventive maintenance times. In addition, Datalogic guarantees a constant up-date for the above.


“Premium” Service

Datalogic Industrial Automation provides or more monthly interventions for preventive maintenance on your system.
The aim of this service is to:

> Keep products/systems at the best of their performance
> keep the technical know-how for high technology solutions constantly up-to-date
> train internal technical staff both for small maintenance and repair operations and correct system set-up restoration
> reduce the costs of missed production by managing suitable preventive maintenance programmes (less cost of ownership).

“Total Cover” Service

With its Total COVER service contract Datalogic Industrial Automation in addition on-site intervention by specialised technicians, within 24-48 hours of notification (depending on site location).
This package includes a defined number of emergency call tickets per year.
Devices/ sytems will be completely checked calibrate and tested to recover emergency and failure situation. All performances will be kept at the best level. Repair and spares are not included: spares must be available by the customer (unless Hot SWAP is active) repairs are to be charged separately (unless Managed

Warranty Extension

Maintain the satisfaction of knowing your products will not cost you 1? outside of your maintenance budget during the first years of their life (repair costs under control)
Keep that “new car” smell just a little longer
Exploit knowledge and original spare parts by Datalogic’s Authorised Repair Depots
In response to all of these needs, Datalogic provides you with the possibility to keep the same level of service and assistance for purchased products after the first year of life, via the warranty extension service.